Berry Brow Carnival


Without our fantastic volunteers who generously give their time on the day, Berry Brow carnival simply wouldn’t happen. Do you fancy helping out? Here’s just a few of the tasks we’re always looking for help with:

  • Putting up the gazebos, setting out the field, putting up bunting and setting out the bins
  • Setting up the tables and chairs in the tea tent
  • Manning a stall during the duration of the carnival (1-5pm)
  • Selling programmes during the duration of the carnival
  • Taking down gazebos, bunting, etc
  • Picking up any litter which has been dropped
  • Packing up the field and returning items to the storage garage

We really need some more volunteers to help us deliver the 2018 Berry Brow carnival. Just one hour of your time would make a big difference. If you want to join our team of fantastic helpers on the day, we’d love to hear from you. Just fill out the form below.